Useful Tips for Home

We want to bring its spirit and atmosphere of Viennese coffee house culture closer to you.
It is all about small things. Like taking back the pleasure of crafting your own coffee. Waiting for the water to reach the perfect temperature. Shaving the spoon to get the amount just right.

Prepare the serving, choose your favourite spot and recreate the coffeehouse atmosphere at home with us.

Viral Coffee Trend: Dalgona Coffee

This South Korean coffee drink made of coffee, milk and sugar is taking the internet by storm. Our coffee experts from Russia took it to the next level and are introducing to us the Dalgona coffee trend, Julius Meinl way.

Master Moka Coffee at Home

Having it roots in Italy, moka pot can be nowadays found in households across the whole Europe. Look in your cupboard at home, you might find this charming brewer there. Our coffee expert Jacopo from Italy will show you how he prepares it at home.

Make Turkish coffee at home

You will love this unique coffee drink from its preparation method to the serving and drinking. Turkish coffee (or Arabic or Greek) uses very fine grounds in combination with sugar and water. Our coffee expert Andjelko will show you how to make it at home.

Cappuccino without using a coffee machine

Are craving a cappuccino, but don´t have a fancy machine at home? Watch this video where we show you how to prepare one very easily with just using basic tool like French Press.

Prepare Iced Tea at home

Beautiful warm days are here and that means it is time for an easy and delicious Iced Tea recipe to make at home! Prepare together with us an Iced Fruit Tea and with some basic rules explain how to modify the recipe to prepare a tasty refreshing beverage according to your liking.

Ready-to-drink Cold Brew and Cold Brew Meinl Tonic at home

A pure Cold Brew is made by brewing coffee in cold water for 12 hours. But the wait is well worth it, resulting in a unique cold coffee drink that's both smooth in taste and strongly caffeinated. Add a bit of tonic water to make it a Cold Brew Tonic!
Prepare it with these simple instructions at home!

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