Julius Meinl Tea, Poetry read by your senses.

Since its foundation in 1862, Julius Meinl has always taken pride in its premium tea offers. Nurtured from its rich heritage, Julius Meinl Tea continues its pursuit of perfection in quality and service, and innovates with audacious tea blends and solutions, aiming to bring a unique sensorial poetry with every cup of tea we served.


Tea expert since 1862

Since its foundation, in 1862, Julius Meinl has continued to take pride in its premium tea offers.

As a pioneer in its field, Julius Meinl started directly importing tea in 1894 and became the largest direct importer of tea in Europe during the period of monarchy.

Cherishing this legacy, the 5th generation of the Meinl family, who is still actively involved in the tea development, has maintained Julius Meinl’s partnerships with the best tea Plantations in the world, preserved its craftsmanship spirit and carried on with its continuous pursuit of top quality.

Nurtured from the richness of its heritage, Julius Meinl Tea continues to innovate with new audacious blends and flavours, creating unique sensorial poetry with every cup served.


Premium POS solutions, professional trainings... a complete service

Julius Meinl Tea endeavors to offer to its customers the perfect quality in cup at any moment and with any occasion. Be it cafés, restaurants, or hotels, Julius Meinl offers a large variety of teas and POS solutions that adapt to different needs.

From Russia to Germany, Julius Meinl gathers the top experts in the field to professionally train its customers and sales force on the art of tea brewing and serving.

As part of the Meinl tradition, the Meinl sales force commits itself to a sustainable partnership with the clients and ensures regular and active tea quality check on site. 


A broad range to enchant all the tastes

From orthodox pure teas, to innovative tea blends like Viennese Dessert, Kir Royal, Turkish Delight…a broad range of teas is carefully selected and created by Julius Meinl tea expert to enchant all the tastes. The portfolio includes three segments: Single Bags, Big Bags and Loose Tea. Let yourself be inspired by the wonderful taste of a cup of perfectly-brewed, fresh Julius Meinl tea.


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