Pay with a Poem on 21st March 2015

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On Saturday, 21st of March, over 100,000 people showed the world that feelings are more valuable than money. With our global initiative “Pay with a Poem” we wrote another chapter in our mission of making a better world through poetry. 

For a day, people got inspired to start a movement against materialism. They used the softest weapons in the world: poems. Coffee drinkers from 1153 coffee houses in 27 countries paid their coffee with a poem and every social media enthusiast supported the campaign through the official hashtag of the campaign, #PayWithAPoem.

Poster-PayPoem_- blue FB

One day. 4 continents. 27 countries. 1153 participating locations.

Marcel Löffler, CEO Julius Meinl Industry Holding, says: “We are proud that more than 100,000 people who live in different places of the world, have different interests and jobs and ideas, and talk different languages, still have something to share: their hearts. They embraced emotions, slowed down and replaced the normal currency with poems. On March 21st, coffee lovers gathered from around the globe. Whether we are talking about fast-moving cultures like Dubai or Chicago or peaceful ones, like Verona or Zagreb – they all discovered the real value of feelings and paid for their Julius Meinl coffee with a poem. This was not just a casual Saturday, yet a meaningful day when everyone was a poet in his or her own way by finding the perfect inspiration source on every sip of our coffee. This global movement stands out as a source of inspiration itself for our future plans.”

Watch our Pay with a Poem movie here:

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