Meet With A Poem

An experiment to rewrite the way we show our feelings.

A recent study shows that 1 in 5 people didn’t tell their partner “I love you” in over a year. When did this happen? When did we forget that the way to really bond with each other passes through our hearts?

Julius Meinl launched a global experiment to challenge people in more than 10 countries to show their feelings again, in the first edition of Meet with a Poem. Through our poetic profile application, you could exchange your profile picture with a poetic one and discover a more meaningful way to connect with someone.

On October 1st, the coffee for true love was on us, in participating locations across the globe. Did you also dare to find your heart’s connection power?

Watch our Meet With A Poem video which proved that poetry can make a better world.

Are you ready to let your emotions be your new profile picture? Enter the application and join the experiment.

Robert Montgomery and Greta Bellamacina:
a story of love through poetry

Robert Montgomery, the Julius Meinl global ambassador who writes his feelings on the streets of London, tells us how he met with his soulmate Greta through poetry. And since they did so, their hearts have rhymed ever since.

“We really meet with a poem. There used to be a Sunday afternoon salon at the Ivy Club in London. It happened once a month and they often invited a poet to read. I read poems there one Sunday and the curator asked me to write a poem for the next poet to read at the salon lunch the next week. The next month Greta was the poet, and she read my poem, “The Agnostics Grace,” which begins with the line, “God is silence…”. The poem was the first way she met me… She read the poem before she saw my face. The first time I went to her apartment she had my poem framed on her kitchen wall and it is still there— now we live in the apartment together with our baby, Lorca, who is 8 months old.”


“There’s so much turmoil in today’s world and in the face of this it feels even more important to hold on to love and tenderness. Meet With A Poem encourages us to look at what really matters – love. This World Coffee Day I encourage people to be a little bold with their emotions. Who knows what could unfold with a simple change of a profile picture to poetry!”

On October 1st the coffee for true love was on us. Find below the participating locations.

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