Julius Meinl World of Poetry

Julius Meinl is more than caffeine and taste. It is a piece of culture. Taking time to have a cup of coffee is a part of the way of life in Vienna. It is a moment in which you open yourself up to inspiration.

Vienna - City of Inspiration

Vienna is a fertile ground for creativity and inspiration. This metropolis of culture walks an interesting tightrope between tradition and contemporary life: from the Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year concert to the Vienna festival week, from the Schönbrunn Imperial Palace to the modern Museumsquartier, from the Vienna Opera to the modern Festival of dance. From the Heuriger to the Vienna coffee house – enter this fascinating world of comfort, ideas and warmth. Sit down in your home away from home, enjoy a freshly brewed cup of Julius Meinl coffee and let wonderful ideas fill your head. Read your favourite book for hours as if time did not matter – yes, this is all possible within the four walls of a Viennese Coffeehouse. Julius Meinl coffee and tea are the perfect source of inspiration – every sip gives your thoughts the freedom to flow.

Vienna Coffeehouse Culture

Discover the inspirational world of Vienna Coffeehouse Culture

Julius Meinl & Poetry

Poetry can range from creating to daydreaming to crafting, imagining or simply just having conversations – you alone decide what poetry is for you. Meanwhile, coffee and tea inspire your brain, your senses, and spark your creativity.

“Julius Meinl inspires you – and being inspired, you inspire others.”

Anyone who believes that poetry can only be created by artists, poets, singers or writers is wrong. Everyone is a poet in their own way. Poetry can take many different forms, but it is always a result of inspiration and there is a poet waiting to be discovered inside every single one of us.

Every day poetry can be found everywhere, you just need to get that small push to be able to see it, feel it, hear it and create it.

Traveling cup

Quote of the week

“If you want to be happy, be!”

Leo Tolstoi

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