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Why not, for a moment, forget about using emojis, perfectly filtered photos, and gifs to express yourself?
Let a cup of Julius Meinl inspire you to spell out your feelings instead.

In the past 6 years we have inspired thousands of coffee and tea drinkers worldwide through our global event. We appreciate that this year is exceptional because of COVID-19 situation. We are confident our partners uphold the highest hygiene standards. However it might come to limitations in some cases and the location map below might not be accurately updated.

That is why as of now until 21st March you can also submit your poem as a post on your Instagram feed and tag #PayWithAPoem to count towards this year’s donation target and fight illiteracy together with global education charity Worldreader.

This is how it works

PWP 2020 Step2

Sit down with a cup of Julius Meinl

Get inspired to write a poem

Use it to pay for your cup

Sit down with a cup of Julius Meinl

PWP 2020 Step2

Get inspired to write a poem

Use it to pay for your cup

Every poem counts

As part of our ongoing mission to make the world a better place through poetic inspiration, we have partnered with global education charity Worldreader.

We united in a shared belief in the power of words to make a difference for ourselves and for the planet this World Poetry Day. With 14% of the global population illiterate, bringing people into the world of words introduces them to a form of creative and powerful expression.

We join forces with Worldreader to reach our common goal to make the world a better place by giving more people access to the beauty of written words and poetry. We will fight illiteracy one poem at a time. Every poem counts towards a donation target in support of global literacy. Donations raised could fund projects in selected countries where we source coffee such as Ethiopia, Kenya and India.

Get inspired and show your support by writing a poem in exchange for a free coffee or tea of your choice. Every poem will count towards the 100,000 poems donation goal. In addition, the best poetic submissions globally will be hosted on the Worldreader app for millions to read and enjoy.

365 words left

We take words for granted in our busy, day to day, life. What would you do if you only had 365 words left to say? How would you spend them in the most meaningful way? Watch our campaign video and get inspired to rediscover the power of words.

🎶 heute zur Abwechslung einmal wieder französische Revolution 🎼🇫🇷💪🏻🎵 und passend zur Musik und Literatur als „pay with a poem“ Botschafter entspannt mit einem guten Kaffee ☕️🎶🍵🎼😁🎵👌👍
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54 2

postoje večeri kad te nema
zgusnuta svjetlost
u kutu iznad nekog bezveznog crteža
dobro je
u gužvi sam
imam dosta kave i mirisnih štapića
što će mi više?
instiktivno pustim Cohena
i tek tad
samoća postane opipljiva

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I’m Happy To Announce That I’ll Be Working With Viennese Coffee Roaster juliusmeinlofficial & Global Education Charity worldreader For Their Annual Poetry Initiative, Pay With A Poem✍🏾 On World Poetry Day (21st March) We’ll Be Encouraging You To Rediscover The Power Of Words And Help Fight The Global Education Crisis, One Poem At A Time🙌🏾 As You Are Aware Poetry Was The Tool I Used To Educate & Express Myself Which Helped Me Overcome Barriers In My Life, So I Hope That By Collaborating With Julius Meinl And Worldreader I Can Empower Others To Uncover The Power Of Words & Inspire Others To Reach Their Full Potential🙏🏾#JuliusMeinl #PayWithAPoem #WorldPoetryDay #ad ...

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This #worldpoetryday we are inspired by the #paywithapoem shares from around the world. 💙🙏📚#inspiration #juliusmeinl ...

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Excited to collaborate on a new project with JuliusMeinlOfficial. ☕ I’ll be writing a brand new song and you can win tickets to one of my concerts on #PayWithAPoem #PoetryForChange ...

1348 34

“Happy World Poetry Day! Check Out My Feature In wonderland Discussing My Partnerships With juliusmeinlofficial worldreader & More🙏🏾 You Can Get Involved & Support By Creating A Poem, Upload To Your Feed & Use The #paywithapoem #Worldpoetryday #Juliusmeinl Every poem counts towards our 100,000 poem donation goal 🙌🏾Did you know 14% of the global population is illiterate? Bringing people into the world of reading is so important because it not only gives them access to the beauty of poetry but has long lasting effects that contributes to eliminating poverty, reducing inequality and improving prosperity. Which is why, this World Poetry Day, I have joined forces with juliusmeinlofficial and worldreader for their Pay With A Poem campaign to help fight the global education crisis, one poem at a time. ...

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