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On world Poetry Day, go to a participating location.

Write a poem and use it to pay for your coffee or tea.

On top of that you can grab the chance to win 1 of 6 „Meet & Greets” with Julius Meinl ambassador and  singer songwriter Tom Odell in Glasgow, on June the 1st.  Just snap a photo of your poem and post it on Instagram using the hashtag #PayWithaPoem.

Tom Odell

Tom Odell, platinum-selling singer-songwriter and Julius Meinl ambassador, supports Pay With a Poem and the idea of putting our phones aside for a moment of inspiration.
He also appears in our first ever global online series
„Chasing Poems” – a story about the beautiful things that can happen when we look up from our phone to enjoy the moment. The series soundtrack features his inspiring hit-singles „Another Love” and „Go tell her now”.

Chasing Poems

An inspiring moment is just a poem away. Follow Amelia’s adventure and get inspired.
Will she find what she is searching for?
Episode 1 out of 4 premiers on March 18th.

Chasing Poems – trailer

Chasing Poems – The Manuscript

В международный день кофе обязательно нужно выпить чашечку этого восхитительного напитка! Julius Meinl зовут к себе в кофейни и наливают не только кофе, но и читают стихи! #goodmorning☀️ #coffeetime #coffeewithlove #MeetWithAPoem #PoetryForChange #JuliusMeinl #ГалереяНесказанного #стихиикофе #кофеистихи ...

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Delicious #flatwhite coffee at cafe in Clapham junction. They serve Julius Meinl coffee ☕️❤️ #ad. Julius Meinl suggests that poetry can improve relationships so on World coffee day (1st October ) go to one of the cafe's ( Manna dew, kipferl, Forge & Co) and check it out for yourself . #meetwithapoem #poetryforchange ☕️💕❤️✏️📝💐 ...

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We're starting a campaign to change all your sexy social media App profile pictures to a poem. You can do it on Facebook, Instagram, Tinder or whatever you use. On October 1st julius_meinl_coffee will give free coffees in all their cafes to those who join our experiment #MeetWithAPoem #PoetryForChange ...

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Tudtad? 💡 Ma van a kávé napja, ezért számos kávézóban ma egy verssel fizethetünk a kávénkért. ☕️ - A kezdeményezés célja, hogy személyesen találkozzunk rég látott barátainkkal a kedvelt verseink vagy idézeteink (például a mi kedvenc Steve Jobs idézeteink 😋) mellett. 💭 - Te kit vinnél magaddal? 📝 Jelöld meg kommentben! 👇 - ( Részletek: #MeetWithaPOEM ) - #iPhone #coffee #telefon #mutimitvettél #mutimitcsinalsz #ikozosseg #imagyar #magyarig #instahun #ig_hun #ighun #iphonehungary #hungarygram #budapesti #budapestcity #budapestagram #budapesthungary #budapest_hungary #szeged #szolnok #kecskemét #győr #miskolc #hungarianbrand #vscohun ...

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Prva popodnevna kava nakon posla s prijateljicom! Uz gutljaj kave lakiramo nokte. Čitamo Cesarića. Evo sada će i najdraža serija na TV-u. Kako izgleda sreća? Upravo ovako! #SpojiteSeUzKavuIStih #MeetWithAPoem #juliusmeinlcroatia juliusmeinlcroatia ...

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După două luni, am ieșit în oraș. Ce senzație! Azi cafelele juliusmeinlromania se plătesc în poezie. Dada, iată-mă ❤️ #home #love etc. #pain #recover #beyourself #poetry #MeetWithAPoem #PoetryForChange ...

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sinzianasooper mereu te dau pe spate! 😎 Gasiti un super interviu despre povestea noastra pe site-ul celor de la decatorevista. Se numeste Bucataria Iubirii. 😆 Photo credit: Catalin Georgescu #meetwithapoem #poetryforchange #juliusmeinl #îndrăgostițiînbucătărie ...

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Coffee and books with friends ☕️ Happy National Coffee Day! This Saturday is World Coffee Day and coffee roaster Julius Meinl is trying to bring more poetry into the world! People often forget to tell the people in life how much they love and appreciate them so why not send them a poem instead? Your challenge this Saturday is to break out of your comfort zone and do just that! Who's with me?! •• What are some of your favourite lines of poetry? Here's my favourite stanza from Invictus 😊 •• "It matters not not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the caption of my soul." •• #MeetWithAPoem #PoetryForChange #ad ...

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