150 years Julius Meinl

In April 2012, Julius Meinl celebrated its 150th year jubilee. 150 years of premium quality, tradition and expertise.

  • Meinl's Café GrabenMeinl's Café Graben
  • Julius Meinl 150 yearsJulius Meinl 150 years
  • Espresso machineEspresso machine
  • Graben ViennaGraben Vienna

Meinl's Café 150

To celebrate its 150th Jubilee, Julius Meinl organised a special event on the famous Graben right in the heart of Vienna. For an entire week, an eye-catching coffeehouse shaped like a huge espresso machine – the so called Meinl’s Café 150 – proudly stood on one of the busiest and high-end streets of Vienna attracting the eyes of tourists as well as locals. Meinl’s Café 150 was clearly the talk of the town.

The large coffeehouse was characterised by a unique design. At the front, a large espresso machine from Cimbali served as a stage for performances. The supersized 1862 Meinl Fez was designed as a small museum where visitors could explore the fascinating and long-lived history of Julius Meinl. At the heart of the coffeehouse was, of course, a large bar where international barista champions performed their high quality masterpieces. The 1st floor terrace provided guests with a cosy and cool place to sit and enjoy breath-taking views of the famous Graben.

During the day the coffeehouse was open to the public who could enjoy a lovely lunch rounded off by a perfect cup of coffee. And drinking coffee in Meinl’s Café 150 actually contributed to the well-being of children in the country of origin – 1€ from every Melange consumed was donated to the rebuilding of a school in Honduras.

In the evening, Meinl’s Café 150 was only accessible to VIPs and mostly served as the meeting place for sponsor and employee events. One night, even the famous world barista champion, Alejandro from Guatemala, enchanted guests with his amazing coffee creations. Concerts, live acts and other spectacles accompanied by first-class catering from Meinl am Graben were on the evening agendas.

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