Seasonal Highlights

Find the perfect drink for every season with this collection of refreshing coffee recipes inspired by seasonal flavors.

Base for all recipes:


7-8 grams of freshly ground coffee, tamping weight 15-20 kg, 20-30 seconds extraction time should produce 30 ml of coffee (including crema). Serve it in a small, tapered cup, showing the golden, slightly marbled crema.

Summer drinks

Affogato Royal

30 ml espresso, 1 scoop pistachio ice cream. Add liqueur to the coffee. Then add the ice cream.

Iced Chocolate Latte

2/3 glass of ice, 60 ml milk, 10 ml frappe powder, 30 ml espresso, 10 ml syrup. Prepared in a bar blender.

Milky Dream

30 ml espresso, 100 ml milk,  1 scoop of stracciatella ice cream, 1 scoop of coconut ice cream. Add the ice cream to the cold milk and pour the espresso on top. Serve with 2 drinking straws.

Winter drinks

Hazel shot

20 ml ristretto, 20 ml hazelnut liqueur, 20ml vanilla milk, whipped cream. Optional topping: brittle. Pour the hazelnut liqueur into a shot glass and add vanilla milk carefully at the edge of the glass. Pour the ristretto over the milk as a separate layer and top it with whipped cream. Don’t stir the shot before drinking!

Cinnamon for a girl

30 ml espresso, 100 ml milk, cinnamon powder, dark chocolate sauce. Apply the chocolate sauce 2 cm below the inner rim of the glass. Sprinkle with the cinnamon powder and pour a traditional cafe latte over it. Sprinkle the foam with cinnamon.

Double Nut Latte

30 ml espresso, 100 ml milk, 10 ml coconut syrup, 15 ml hazelnut liqueur, grated hazelnuts. Fill the glass with the hazelnut liqueur and coconut syrup. Pour a classical caffe latte over it. Sprinkle grated hazelnuts on top.

Tip: Use coconut milk and hazelnut syrup for a non-alcoholic version.

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