Building on a long tradition of providing poetic and inspirational time-outs, Julius Meinl has developed a close relationship with art and culture. Since the early days, design has always played a vital role for Julius Meinl.


Our logo was created in 1924 by the well-known Viennese artist Josef Binder and has been modernised by various artists over the years, most recently by the Austrian-Italian architect and designer Matteo Thun. Imperial flair with a modern touch defines the Julius Meinl brand today.


“The classic Meinl logo is fantastic – extremely graceful. It stands for tradition and a pioneering spirit – namely for bringing coffee to Austria. We have given the figure a new coat of paint and tried to capture the elegance of Viennese coffeehouse culture.”

Matteo Thun


Julius Meinl Posters feature nostalgic paintings from various Austrian Artists from the early 20th century.

  • Meinl-Kaffee-red-yellowMeinl-Kaffee-red-yellow
  • Meinl-TeeMeinl-Tee
  • Meinl-SchokoladeMeinl-Schokolade
  • Meinl-KaffeeMeinl-Kaffee
  • Austrian-National-Poster-PrizeAustrian-National-Poster-Prize
  • Kein-tag-ohne-meinl-kaffeeKein-tag-ohne-meinl-kaffee
  • Vintage Meinl PosterVintage Meinl Poster

Design of our Professional Line

Packaging is an important factor for the quality of coffee, which we have developed with great care. Packaging not only protects coffee from losing its aroma and thereby quality, but it also serves as an eye-catcher and design object. Star designer Matteo Thun has developed the Julius Meinl Professional packaging based on three main pillars:

  • Poetry
  • Heritage
  • Contemporarism

Thun was inspired by the theme of Wiener Werkstätte, a new artistic genre founded by Josef Hoffmann in 1903, and used those classic patterns and elements to create a truly poetic and distinctive design. The Julius Meinl Professional packaging is the symbol of long standing heritage paired with contemporarism, and looks truly breathtaking in your coffeehouse.

Design of our In Home line

The poetic design of our In Home coffee range was likewise developed by the renowned star designer Matteo Thun in 2010. Unlike the Professional range, the poetic, elegant and distinctive design was inspired by two sophisticated art movements:

  • Viennese Art Nouveau (Wiener Jugendstil)
  • Minimalism

Matteo Thun combined the typical elements of both movements, namely curved lines and gold elements. The outcome: a truly unique, inspiring and premium design.

Design of our Cups

For full enjoyment of your Julius Meinl coffee, the cup is of utmost importance. Italian-Austrian designer Matteo Thun created our premium china range including cups, saucers, glasses and much, much more. The Julius Meinl Trend cup is among our most popular coffee cups and perfect for your favourite coffee. The innovative design of the cups enhances the coffee by bringing out its full aroma and delicate taste. A classic theme portrayed in a contemporary design.

1862 Premium

Julius Meinl 1862 PREMIUM is an exquisite blend, based on a secret recipe that brings together the finest 100% Arabica beans of carefully selected origins. Complemented by a superior-quality concept it is designed for establishments that want to offer their guests a sensational coffee experience at the highest possible level.

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