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Premium POS solutions, professional trainings… a complete service.
Julius Meinl Tea endeavors to offer to its customers the perfect quality in cup at any moment and with any occasion. Be it cafés, restaurants, or hotels, Julius Meinl offers a large variety of teas and POS solutions that adapt to different needs.

NEW Julius Meinl Leaf Bag

Founded in 1862, Julius Meinl endeavors to bring inspiring and pleasurable moments with every perfect cup it serves. In its endless pursuit of perfection, Julius Meinl introduces the new Leaf Bag Tea, a unique and poetic single-portioned leaf tea range, to indulge and inspire tea drinkers with every sensorial aspect. It brings the perfect combination between the premium quality of the whole leaf and the convenience of individual soilon sachet. It’s brimming with all the natural goodness, thanks to special functional ingredients, such as ginseng, lavender or guarana. Every sip is a pure relaxation from body to soul. In order to also visually enchant, this premium tea is wrapped in an individual envelope design that inspires and impresses.
Look, Taste and Feel, every detail composes a sensorial poetry for your senses.

Leaf Bag Accessories

Tea Set

A set of a silver tray, saucer and a 300 ml premium glass mug in which the Leaf Bag Tea is best served. Its subtle design and ideal glass material makes you enjoy the color and clarity of a fine cup of tea and is an absolute must for any tea connoisseur.


A premium water-proof display to present the 6 types of tea categories. Perfect for counter presentation or breakfast buffets.


5l water boiler with automatic temperature control, for a prestigious tea serving experience.

Leaf Bag- the perfect solution for Wellness Spas, Seminar Rooms and Lounges/Bars.

  • Tea_Leaf_Bags_POS_WellnessTea_Leaf_Bags_POS_Wellness
  • Tea-leaf-bags-pos-breakfastTea-leaf-bags-pos-breakfast
  • Tea_Leaf_Bags_POS_SeminarTea_Leaf_Bags_POS_Seminar
  • Tea_Leaf_Bags_POS_LoungeTea_Leaf_Bags_POS_Lounge

Julius Meinl Loose Tea

The connoisseur’s choice. It is the purest way to enjoy tea, with its delicious and genuine taste delivered by the whole leaves. Premium quality teas from the best tea regions are strictly selected with utmost care. From traditional classic taste to amazing innovative blends, our collection offers a wide range of choices to enchant every tea connoisseur. Such pure indulgence is perfect to enjoy with a complete delicate tea ritual with delicate tea sets.

Loose tea accessories

Tea set

Created by the famous designer Mateo Thun, the premium tea set, made of fine bone china porcelain is ideal for the tea serving ceremony. The elegant porcelain is slightly transparent allowing light to allure the colour of the tea in your cup, for a poetic moment.


A premium water-proof display to present the various choices. Perfect for on counter presentation.


5l water boiler with automatic temperature control, for a prestigious tea serving experience.

Loose tea - the perfect solution for cafés, restaurants and premium breakfast areas.

Big bags

Julius Meinl Big Bag collection represents the highest quality that Julius Meinl Tea offers in a tea pot. All teas are bio-certified. They are composed by ingredients strictly selected from some of the best plantations around the world, namely Darjeeling Happy Valley, at the foot of the Himalayas, ldulgashinna in Sri Lanka, or Jamguri, from Assam Highlands of North India, etc.

Each tea is elaborated with utmost care of Julius Meinl Tea experts. From classic genuine taste to amazing unique blends, a rich variety is created for everyone to find his hearty choice. The precious taste is then carefully sealed into a 100% biodegradable soilon material. Each tea bag is individually packed and perfectly preserves the freshness of the tea leaves.


With its specially designed format, Big Bags are perfect for serving in a tea pot of 400ml. From delicate tea sets with unique design, to the qualitative display materials, we offer you the complete solution to brew a perfect pot of tea.


Big Bag Tea - the perfect solution for cafés, restaurants, seminar rooms and wellness spas.

Single bags

The Single Bags collection offers a wide range of aromatic and finely adjusted recipes guarantee an unforgettable experience. Everyone can find his fit. Each tea bag is individually packed to guarantee the freshest aroma.


The Single Bag is perfect for the serving with a cup. 

The beautifully designed tea POS has been specially adapted to the needs of the gastronomy segment facilitating the ultimate tea experience.


Single Bags - the perfect solution for in-room, breakfast and seminar areas.


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