Coffee & Tea Academy

Since 1862, Julius Meinl lives passion for coffee and tea. Over more than 150 years we have gained important knowledge and experience in growing, roasting and preparing coffee. And we would like to share this knowledge with you!

Coffee is a life-style product and at the same time pure enjoyment. Customers continue to have higher demands in terms of taste, diversity and crema. Only the combination of a premium quality product and the right preparation ensure the perfect in-cup result.

Given our experience with over 40,000 customers worldwide, Julius Meinl knows about the importance of quality coffee and tea preparation. It’s very important to us to pour out the knowledge of how to prepare and serve the perfect cup of coffee or tea.

Coffee training

Coffee training includes coffee preparation, perfect extraction, milk frothing, how to produce a range of coffee-based drinks and general information about coffee. The focus lies on Viennese coffee culture – the subtleties of Viennese roasts and methods of preparation.

“It takes up to six months to produce the perfect blend of coffee but it only takes six seconds to ruin it.”

Your perfect cup of coffee

Tea training

Our tea training ranges from seminars and workshops on expert background knowledge to the right preparation of tea.

Your perfect cup of tea

Benefits for you and your premium outlet:

  • Increased sales due to higher and constant quality.
  • Better sales support through improved knowledge.
  • Ability to self-correct mistakes during brewing.
  • Introduction of more coffee culture into your organisation.

We have a Coffee & Tea Academy at our Headquarters in Vienna and various training centres in other countries. We are looking forward to welcoming you soon at one of our locations. Please visit your dedicated country page for more information.

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