French Press

By its method of brewing, the French Press preserves the volatile and delicate aromas that otherwise would be trapped in coffee maker’s filters. The quality of the coffee made with the French Press has a variety of taste elements that can never be achieved by the Espresso method.

With the “French Press concept”, Julius Meinl is on trend with the new, slow coffee consumption culture in catering. Passionate lovers of press-pots and filter coffee can now also enjoy this at the highest level away from home. The specially designed set comprises of a silver tray, a French Press pot, a timer and a single-portion assortment that guarantees the highest level of coffee enjoyment. Three coffee blends are available to choose from: Tanzania Kilimanjaro, Ethiopia Mocca Sidamo and King Hadhramaut. A real treat for all the senses, reflecting a new culture of indulgence.

Great flavour intensity. And great style.

“Capture poetry in every cup you serve. ”



Water temperature

The coffee is ground more coarsely.

The coffee is infused for 4 minutes. Brew longer or shorter for different intensity.

The brewing temperature of the water should be between 91° C and 96° C.

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