What is cold brew coffee?

It is much more than just cold coffee.
For this unique brewing method, fresh, cold water is mixed with coffee that is specially ground for this purpose, and then brewed cold for 12 hours. The long period of contact between the coffee and the water develops qualities such as low acidity, subtle flavors and pleasant natural sweetness. This creates an incomparable flavor experience.
Cold brew coffee – the purest way to enjoy coffee.

Our Cold brew

Our special blend of 100% Arabica beans is particularly well suited for preparing this specialty. The beans have been selected from the best growing areas in the world – Nicaragua, Columbia, Brazil and India – and give the finished cold coffee drink a full body and an elegant sweetness. The acidity and degree of grinding are perfectly adapted to this brewing method.

Our cold brew blend

210 g of ground coffee for the purest cold brew coffee enjoyment. One single pack corresponds precisely to the filling quantity for the 3-liter brewer. It has the perfect grinding level for the cold brew method.

The brewer

The brushed stainless steel Aroma Fez is a visual highlight. The brewer has a 3 liter capacity and constantly chills the coffee at the perfect serving temperature. A matching filter with the ideal pore size for preparing cold brew coffee is included with the brewer.

The glass

Our 300 ml cold brew coffee glass is perfectly suited to serving cold coffee drinks. (Serving tip: 2 straws give it a trendy kick.)

The pallet

Set a charming trend and serve the filled glass on the stylish little pallet.

Step-by-step preparation


Empty 210g cold brew coffee into the filter in the brewer.


Add 3 liters of cold water.


Close the lid and leave it to steep for 12 hours overnight.


Remove the filter, compost the coffee grounds and clean the filter.


Wait until this step to plug in the brewer and switch it on – now the coffee will be chilled to the ideal serving temperature.


The coffee is ready to serve! Serve the cold brew coffee – while the supply lasts.

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