PAY WITH A POEM 2017 (Réglez votre café avec un poème)

Réveillez le poète qui sommeille en vous !

Nous sommes tous différents. Nous avons des métiers différents, des habitudes de vie différentes. Nous vivons dans des endroits du monde qui ne se ressemblent pas. Mais même si nous parlons des langues différentes, il y a, au plus profond de nous, une voix puissante qui n’a besoin d’aucun interprète. C’est la voix de nos sentiments.

Car chacun d’entre nous est un poète.

À l’occasion de la journée mondiale de la poésie, poussez la porte d’un établissement partenaire de l’opération « Réglez votre café avec un poème » et écrivez un poème pour égayer votre journée ! Pour la quatrième année consécutive, Julius Meinl vous donne l’opportunité d’exprimer vos sentiments ! Alors tout en dégustant une tasse de café ou de thé Julius Meinl, écrivez votre poème sur la carte qui vous sera remise à cet effet. Il vous permettra de régler votre café ou votre thé !

Rejoignez-nous le 21 mars. Prenez un café. Laissez-vous porter par l’inspiration. Payez votre café avec un poème.

Découvrez notre film "Pay With A Poem" (Réglez votre café avec un poème) ! Retrouvez le poète qui sommeille en vous et profiter des beaux moments que vous offre la poésie.


To find those beautiful poems written by our interviewees in days gone by, we reached out to their mums, wives and friends…
Thanks to them, our “accomplices”, their long-forgotten poems have been revealed. And more than that, they re-awakened the most wonderful emotions!

Tiziano: His wife not only sent us his poems, but also us left a message with her own poem!


“Petrarca, Dante… Chi sono questi signori ?
A Tiziano vanno tutti gli onori
Per la poesia di aver scritto
Che al cuore va dritto dritto.” 

« Petrarca, Dante… Who are these gentlemen?
It’s Tiziano who should be honored
Because the poem he wrote
Goes straight to your heart. »

Roger: This poem for his son, written on the day he was born


Ninke: Her poem & what her mom says about it


The Song of the Rainbow

They say that if you are different
that you don’t belong
They act as if you are no one
if you are not like them.

But just have look at the rainbow
(Do) you sometimes see that of the 7 colors, for example
red or green, that one of them
isn’t allowed to join?
No, these are the others and they
just as you see always connected
to each other
Can people not do as this then

I feel flabbergasted!
(My mum) said sort of the same that I just told you… She said ‘I’m flabbergasted!’  … It is confronting to see that I wrote something at a very young age… and that it was just hidden in the attic and that no one ever looked at it anymore!  ”




As a founder and creative director of cult magazine and tattoo shop Sang Bleu, Maxime Plescia-Buchi uses ink and creativity to make his mark on culture.

Through his iconic tattoo designs, Maxime lays poetry on skin, but is also committed to expanding his vision to all kinds of artistic forms of expression. Today, Maxime’s Sang Bleu is a magazine, a cultural hub, a pop-up art space, a publishing house and a fashion label.

“Poetry is not a practice it is a mindstate. The one thing that always remained constant in my work is its trans-practice quality. Designing a tattoo, clothes, publishing or teaching proceed from the same vision, and so does writing and composition. Techniques are means, poetry is the end.”

At the intersection of tattoo art, design, fashion and sociology, he uses art to spark conversations around social subjects. Both poetry and tattoos are expressions of truths and vulnerabilities that can be used to unleash the creative self that hides within us all. Just like Julius Meinl, Maxime believes in this inner voice of people, and wants to use it to ignite creativity to create a better, more inspired world.


On World Poetry Day, we all become poets again. Share your transformation with us! Come in the Julius Meinl participating coffeehouses and have a picture taken in our Poets at Heart spots or share your new poetic self on your social media channels under our hashtags: #PayWithAPoem 


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