MEET WITH A POEM 2017 (Une rencontre autour d'un poème)

Dites-le avec un poème. Les non-dits prennent la forme d’un poème à l’occasion de la journée internationale du café.

Dans toute relation, certaines choses demeurent non dites. Des choses comme : je t’aime. Pardon. Tu me manques. Merci. Ne t’en va pas. Je reconnais que j’ai eu tort.

Les mots viennent difficilement pour exprimer ces sentiments de manière directe. Mais la poésie, avec ses termes choisis et ses métaphores peut nous aider à les dire à la fois avec plus de douceur et de beauté.

Profitons du 1er octobre, journée internationale du café, pour partager avec ceux que nous aimons nos sentiments les plus profonds ! Poussez la porte d’un établissement partenaire de l’opération, dégustez un de nos cafés, puisez-y à la fois l’inspiration et le courage de dire à celui ou celle que vous aimez, à un ami ou à une personne qui occupe dans votre cœur une place particulière, ce que vous n’avez encore jamais osé exprimer…

Les non-dits… Ouvrons-nous enfin aux êtres qui nous sont chers. Osons ! Dégustez un café Julius Meinl avec la personne de votre choix, puisez-y l’inspiration nécessaire pour exprimer les non-dits en écrivant un poème. Nous aurons le plaisir de vous offrir le café!

La poésie peut-elle nous aider à exprimer les choses passées sous silence pour renouer avec les êtres qui nous sont chers ?

Regardez notre film pour le découvrir !


Each of our experiment participants has a deep bond with their beloved one, and yet still some feelings are left unsaid between them. Discover their stories, and the beautiful poems which helped them express their emotions!

George’s personal hero

For George, his sister has always been his inspiring hero.
She had a massive influence on him growing up. But due to a quarrel, they didn’t speak for a long time.
Finally with a poem,
George managed to tell her
“I love you, without you I wouldn’t be the man I am today”.

Nicolas and his guardian angel

Love can push you out of your comfort zone.
For Nicolas,
his wife is his “guardian angel”,
because she always manages to encourage him to take on new challenges.
Those challenges are often unsettling,
but are actually really beneficial for Nicolas.

Jordan’s source of joy

An accidental meeting
can turn into a great story.
For Jordan, the details of that meeting became a source of inspiration.
Now, he wants to open up to the girl that makes him happy,
and write a new chapter in their life together.
Check out his poem here.

Janette’s oldest friend

The common things we take for granted can mean a lot for our dear ones.
Since they were kids, Janette’s sister looked after her.
When they reunited after living in different countries for a long time,
Janette finally said
a big “thank you” to her sister with a poem.



London-based Caleb Femi is a poet, English teacher, filmmaker and photographer. The first and current titleholder of Young People’s Laureate for London, Femi entered the world of poetry with the aim of showcasing the power of spoken word, broaching difficult topics, and re-engaging disenfranchised young people through his work.

“Poetry is the one of the purest forms of conversation there is. At its best, it allows me to communicate from an honest and safe place, a place that I am seldom afforded in the everyday rush of life.
The reason why I started writing poetry was because I needed a space that allowed me to talk about things that scared me, that intrigued me, that amused me, things that made me vulnerable like telling the first girl I was in love with how I truly felt about her...”

Caleb believes that poetry is the one of the purest forms of conversation. His roots in poetry spanned from his search for a space that allowed him to talk about things that left him scared, intrigued, amused him, or vulnerable. Like Julius Meinl, Caleb encourages people to make small but meaningful steps to reconnect with each other through poetry.



Browse through our poetry gallery and find the right words for how you feel. Get ready to share the unsaid things to your loved ones on 1st Oct!


Need more inspiration? Have a chat with our Poetry Bot and let him help!


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