Premium breakfast and banquets, grind on demand. Your technical high-end filter coffee solution.


The hotel industry is under particular demands at breakfast time. Large amounts of coffee must be served in a short space of time. Under no circumstances should quality be compromised. Guest demands are high and the coffee expertise of guests is steadily growing. The solution of Julius Meinl is PremBreak: a technical high-end filter coffee solution in combination with top blends that guarantees a cup of perfect quality coffee.

Large amounts of freshly brewed coffee can be prepared quickly and easily with PremBreak. PremBreak was first introduced by Julius Meinl at GAST 2015 in Salzburg, Austria and is already used in the world’s top coffee houses today.

Your Benefits:

  • Premium quality through constant freshness (grind on demand)
  • High cost efficiency through energy efficiency, low cost of maintenance and less coffee wasted
  • Ease of use lower error rate

“The morning when Lord Byron sat down to write Don Juan, he began his first verse with a coffee.”