MyMeinl - Create your own coffee

A coffee inspired by you! Julius Meinl now gives you the freedom to create your very own coffee – an inspiration for all coffee-lovers! The most personalized hand-crafted coffee for you.


Create your own coffee… This allows all coffee-lovers to customize their personal coffee for a special gift. Be inspired and personalize your coffee with a poem, name and more!


Pick from the finest blends of selected premium origins from around the globe, add a poem and give your coffee a name – there are (nearly) no limits for your imagination! Each coffee is hand-crafted and individually freshly roasted, ground and packed at our headquarters in Vienna. The personal note that you can leave on each coffee created also makes it the perfect gift for a very special person, or simply someone you want to share your love for coffee with.

“Creation. Through the power of your imagination, a “nothing” turns into “something” that wears your uniqueness.”


This project has even been nominated for the coffee innovations award 2014, which we are very proud of.

A hand-crafted coffee dedicated to the special person drinking it. Find yourself in every cup.

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