Inspresso –
the Inspiring Espresso

Now available in 100% biodegradable Nespresso®* compatible capsules capsules.


Discover the unrivalled taste of our new Julius Meinl compostable capsules – 100% biodegradable. 100% taste.

“Over 155 years of Viennese coffee house culture in one capsule.”

Vienna Coffeehouse Culture

Inspresso Professional

Now it is possible for you to create a coffee that equals the quality of a barista-prepared one, without even having a barista! Simply try the new Inspresso Professional capsules and notice how with a simple touch of a button on your capsules coffee machine, you get a cup of Julius Meinl’s unique refined inspiration for you special guests!

The Inspresso Professional capsule range has an array of 5 different coffee blends. Each capsule contains enough grams to produce an excellent cup of coffee according to Horeca standard, albeit from a single serve capsule.

The various aromas, strengths and origins provide an ideal choice for any connoisseur throughout the entire day. Our Espresso Decaf capsule can even be enjoyed in the late evening…


Discover the unrivalled taste of our new Julius Meinl compostable capsules – 100% biodegradable. 100% taste.

Our Inspresso capsule collection consists of five very special blends: Lungo Classico a unique 100% Arabica blend from Central and South America, Espresso Crema a perfectly balanced blend composed of Arabica coffees from the famous volcanic soils in Central America with a touch of Asian Robusta and Ristretto Intenso a composition of top South American and East African Arabicas with a hint of best Asian robustas, Lungo Arabica another 100% Arabica blend from India, Brazil and Central America unfolding into a joyful ode. The range is completed with Espresso Decaf a sweet sonnet of full flavour and gentle aftertaste.

We have tested the capsules ourselves in all Nespresso® machines currently on sale as well as in a large number of early models and our own machine range. They are compatible with the following Nespresso® coffees machines for home use:

  • Citiz
  • Essenza + Essenza Mini
  • Inissia
  • Pixie
  • Prodigio
  • Lattissima
  • Expert
  • Creatista

Our capsules are designed for a use in models with a production date as of 2011 onwards. For Nespresso® machine models that have been produced before 2011 or have been used above average, we cannot guarantee full compatibility. We are not responsible for usage in a non-compatible machine.

We keep on constantly checking and testing the compatibility of our compostable capsules. Should you experience difficulties using our compostable capsules with your Nespresso® machine or if you have any questions, please contact us by sending an email to We will contact you as soon as possible.

Julius Meinl capsule machine

Our machine for preparing excellent coffee with our Julius Meinl Inspresso capsules. This machine combines easy use, functional design and an elegant look. This machine is suitable for Nespresso®* compatible capsules only.


Caffitaly capsules

The Inspresso capsule range is composed of 6 different coffee blends and one dreamy drinking chocolate. The various aromas, strengths and origins of our Inspresso capsules provide an ideal choice for any connoiseur throughout the entire day. Our Decanto Decaf capsule can be enjoyed in the late evening after a good meal.

Our Inspresso capsules are compatible with all widely available Caffitaly systems and allow easy and clean preparation within seconds.

Get inspired by our Inspresso capsules today.


*This trademark belongs to a third party which is unrelated and not associated with the Julius Meinl Group.

Discover our Biodegradable Capsules

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