Business Concepts

Julius Meinl offers you a range of full coffee and tea concepts that fit your specific needs. Start exploring our offer now.

The Originals

Our amazing coffees are crafted through the constant care of coffee artisans. However, this isn’t something that started yesterday or the day before. It has involved five generations of our family history and the passion of our hardworking people.

1862 Premium

Julius Meinl 1862 PREMIUM is an exquisite blend, based on a secret recipe that brings together the finest 100% Arabica beans of carefully selected origins. Complemented with a superior-quality concept it is designed for establishments that want to offer their guests a sensational coffee experience of the highest possible level.

Cold Brew

It is much more than just cold coffee. For this unique brewing method, fresh, cold water is mixed with coffee that is specially ground for this purpose, and then brewed cold for 12 hours.This creates an incomparable flavor experience.

French press

By its method of brewing, the French Press preserves the volatile and delicate aromas that otherwise would be trapped in coffee maker’s filters. The specifically designed set comprises of a silver tray, a French Press pot, a timer and a single-portion assortment.


The hotel industry is under particular demands at breakfast time. The solution of Julius Meinl is PremBreak: a technical high-end filter coffee solution in combination with top blends that guarantees a cup of perfect quality coffee. Large amounts of freshly brewed coffee can be prepared quickly and easily with PremBreak.

Inspresso Professional

The same awesome premium coffee you know from coffeehouses now perfectly dosed for inspiring office moments!

Inspresso capsules

The Inspresso capsule concept by Julius Meinl brings the flair of Viennese coffeehouse culture directly to your home and office. With the simple push of a button you can experience a poetic timeout with freshly brewed inspiring espresso by Julius Meinl.

Tea concepts

Julius Meinl Tea endeavors to offer to its customers the perfect quality in cup at any moment and with any occasion. Be it cafés, restaurants, or hotels, Julius Meinl offers a large variety of teas and POS solutions that adapt to different needs.