5 easy ways to support your favourite coffee house or restaurant

As we are seeing more and more coffee houses and restaurant opening their doors to the public again,
we realize how much they need our support to recover.

Coffee houses and restaurants are not only keeping our cravings satisfied and minds inspired,
but they are also an important contributor to local economies.

To help them out, we created a list of 5 small but meaningful gestures and actions
that can ease lives and even put smiles on faces of the owners, baristas and waiters in these transformational times.

1. Don’t cancel a reservation, postpone it.

If you cannot make it or you just don’t feel like going out, postpone your visit, don’t cancel. The promise you are giving will make someone’s day.

2. Respect the new safety rules.

Coffee houses and restaurants have to pay attention to safety of their employees and guests more than usually and obey new sets of rules. Be respectful. Book a table in advance, be aware of limited amount of guests at one table, minimum distances and other special restrictions in your country. If possible, pay contact less with a card.

3. Tip generously and say “thank you”.

It is not the best time to be a waiter or barista, because not only are they likely working fewer hours, but they have to pay even more attention to hygiene and safety than usually. While wearing masks and gloves!  If you can afford it, make someone’s day with a (bigger-than-usual) tip.

4. Give a social media shout-out and recommend the outlet.

Find the time to leave a positive review and share your great experience on social media by tagging the outlet in your story or a Facebook post. Social media shout-outs lead to more visibility and sales. And they are free, so don’t hesitate to give them.

5. Order a coffee to-go. And take one also for a friend you plan to meet.

Instead of having a coffee before you leave home or having it in the office, stop on your way in your favourite coffee house and take it with you. And why not to take one more for a friend or a colleague? It is not only a nice gesture, but also a #cupofsupport for your favourite business.

6. Buy vouchers for your family and friends.

We know we have mentioned only 5 tips, but we always like to go one step further. 🙂
As should you, by purchasing vouchers and gift cards in your favourite outlet. It is a great help for businesses that you are going to spend your money in anyway.

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