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Inspiring poets since 1862.

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International Coffee Day 2015

Your chance to win coffee supply for a whole year....
A coffee is never just a coffee. But a collection of moments and we want to celebrate them all together with you! read more

MyMeinl - Create your own coffee

A coffee inspired by you! Julius Meinl now gives you the freedom to create your very own coffee – an inspiration for all coffee lovers! read more

Welcome to the poetry subway

Discover how an ordinary day turned into an unforgettable experience in Bucharest. read more

Inspresso Product Launch

Julius Meinl launches brand new Inspresso capsules for the comfort of your home and office. Experience the flair of Viennese coffeehouse culture with a simple push of a button. read more

150th Jubilee of Julius Meinl

Julius Meinl 150th jubilee - Julius Meinl celebrates 150 years of premium quality, expertise and Viennese coffeehouse culture. read more


The aim of the project "Stadtlesen" is to bring us back to the topic of reading and relaxation. Nowadays, we are exposed to numerous amounts of advertisements and spend most of our time with electronical gadgets - Stadtlesen believes that the human being needs time to recreate the brain and reading has proved to be a successful solution. read more

Poetry Society @ Bene

Smart working was the focus topic during the Vienna Design Week in Vienna. Experts discussed how poetry can also be experienced in the working environment, not only at home. read more

MyMeinl - Create your own coffee


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